Texas CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) is a voice for a child in the foster care system. Appointed by a judge, a CASA volunteer goes through hours of training to ensure a child has what they need while they navigate the system. The purpose of this spot was to show the isolation of the child and how a CASA volunteer can help.

Creatively, the concept is to give the appearance that the child is isolated from the rest of the world, that they can see what they are missing and feel more alone. Practically, that meant using visual effects to bring the idea to life. The animation team were tasked with making a box that looked realistic, but not too realistic. We went through a few renditions with our animation team.

There was a general concern that it was looking too real and we were worried people would accuse the nonprofit of actually putting a box around the child. As a result, a graphic disclaimer helped bridge the effect.

Not only did the visual effects team help us finalize the creative concept and bring the spot to life, the spot was the topic of conversation for Texas CASA creating a buzz across the state and an increase in the number of volunteers who wanted to be trained to become a CASA.
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Special thanks

Chronicle of Phoenix
Director of Photography
Zach Nasits, Geomedia
Camera Operator / Editor
Matt Buikema
Jeff Stoyer, Geomedia
Music / Audio
Harter Music
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